Monday, May 1, 2017

Day Six of 100 Doggie Paintings

Little Angel Presents Ratman

This is day six in my 100 days of doggie paintings and I had to create an artwork in memory of Ratman.  Half-pint the rat terrier chihuahua mix was truly Ratman.  This quickly became his name as this was his real persona.  When we brought him home he crawled up the arm of my son's jacket to cuddle on his neck, so he appeared to be nothing but sugar.  Not True!  Ratman would take on anything and any one.  He was truly fearless.   He remains ever The Ratman in our memories.

If you have a photograph of your pet that you would like to have made into one of my artworks, please email it to  If I use it to make a doggie artwork I will send you the image in the form of a greeting card.  
Thanks!   Kara