Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day Seven in the 100 days of Painting Challenge

Today's painting presents Piggy in a wig!
Though we have all found humor in some of some statesman's fashion statements in hair, Dr. Bear reminds us that it was once quite fashionable to wear any variety of wigs as he discusses past Presidential Dogs.  However, though ridiculous and obvious a wig may seem today, you have to admit part of the appeal of this painting is the inclusion of the wig.  Piggy, named this because of her curly tail and round shape as a puppy, makes a definite fashion statement.

This is my seventh painting in a 100 days, 100 doggie paintings challenge.  If you would like to see how I  would use your dog in a work of art, send photographs to profkenglish@gmail.com.  Here is wishing you and your dog a good hair day.

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