Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day five of 100 day's of Doggie Paintings

Who is the Dog with a Pearl  Earring?
Day five doggie painting features an artwork inspired by Johannes Vermeer, The Girl With the Pearl Earring.  This is quite an amazing artwork that you can examine at the Essential Vermeer along with other wonderful Vermeer Artworks.

If you have a photograph of a dog that you would like to send to me for use, please email it to  If I use your photograph I will send you a greeting card based on the artwork.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day Four 100 Days of Doggie Paintings

This is day four of the 100 day challenge of 100 paintings of Dogs.  Today's painting imatates a Rapheal painting of a Young Woman with a Unicorn.  Otherwise known as Dr. Thodore Bear Presents Young Pekingese with Unicorn.

Today was a good day with my grandchildren.  Miss Iris and I also did a little animation of my Baby Basset Painting which you can see at Ethal May's Grand Old Doggie Land Singers.

I am looking forward to receiving some of your pet pictures for my 100 day challenge.  If you send an image to, and I use it in an artwork I will send you a greeting card of the image.
Have a great weekend all of you doggie lovers!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Day Three of 100 Dog Paintings in 100 Days

Today's painting is a knock-off of a Neo-Classical Painting by Jean Auguste Ingress.  Dr. Bear' Purchased this Pure Little Pup by Green Malays,
 I plan to complete a painting a day for 100 days.  If you would like to email me a photo of your dog to use in one of my paintings I will send you a greeting card print of the artwork. Please email your photos to

Thursday, April 27, 2017

100 Dog Works in 100 Days

One of my favorite living artists, Carol Nelson recently held a challenge on her blog that she would paint 100 portraits in 100 days.  Her followers sent her photographs to use for this challenge.

I have decided to try something similar.  I plan to create 100 doggie paintings in 100 days either for my Dr. Theordore Bear Doggie Appropriated Paintings, or for Little Angel's Doggie Library.  If you have a dog photograph that you would like to see used in this please email it to  If I use your photo I will send you a free greeting card of your pet's image in my artwork.  I am on day two of the challenge.  The first image was for little Angel's Dog Library and was Ohby Quick or the Cat, a doggie version of Moby Dick.  Today's doggie artwork is on Dr. Bear's Blog, Marcella de Veste by Pooche Fishen.
I am hoping to receive a photo from you soon!


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Alphonse Mucha Designs

One of my favorite artists is Mucha.  I love the colors and patterns in the works as well as female forms.
The style of Mucha, a Czech artist who lived between 1860 to 1939 became a well known decorative artists who was made famous in Paris at the end of the nineteenth century.

Today Alphonse Mucha is recognized for the bridge he created between high art and commercialism.  He straddled both worlds as he created illustrations, and at the same time produced historic Paintings which were important to the Czech art history.  The Sara Bernhardt poster is one such example.

The Angelita painting is an original painting which was inspired by Mucha's style.  This digital painting of Teddybear Grams is an Appropriated Muncha Puppy Painting by that Austrailian Shepard, Alpha Munchy.