Sunday, April 2, 2017

Alphonse Mucha Designs

One of my favorite artists is Mucha.  I love the colors and patterns in the works as well as female forms.
The style of Mucha, a Czech artist who lived between 1860 to 1939 became a well known decorative artists who was made famous in Paris at the end of the nineteenth century.

Today Alphonse Mucha is recognized for the bridge he created between high art and commercialism.  He straddled both worlds as he created illustrations, and at the same time produced historic Paintings which were important to the Czech art history.  The Sara Bernhardt poster is one such example.

The Angelita painting is an original painting which was inspired by Mucha's style.  This digital painting of Teddybear Grams is an Appropriated Muncha Puppy Painting by that Austrailian Shepard, Alpha Munchy.

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  1. Love it! I adore how you take such an elegant and beautiful painting, and give it a dog's face. What a hilarious and wonderful series!