Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Technology Challenges

Illustrator Geisha, Adobe Illustrator 2011
It is really emotionally and physically healthy to learn new things.  Change, though it may be difficult is good for us.  One of the ways that we grow as artists is to learn to improve, step out of our comfort zone and learn, or at least try new things.  This year I learned to use a number of software programs that I had not used before.  As they say in TechEd.  Learn it this morning, teach it this afternoon, which I did. 

The problem is, that as soon as you learn something new in technology, it has changed and moved on.  It is obsolete as soon as it is out of the box.  This goes with art software as well.  Looking back, I am satisfied that I added new software to my bag of tricks, and looking forward need to continue to do the same next year!  This Geisha was one of a number of Geisha that I made in Illustrator and created a line of Geisha Greeting Cards on the computer.

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