Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mixed Media Experiments with Oil

Deep Purple Serenade, Oil - Mixed Media
If you look at a lot of works by artists, the majority of people using mix media paint in acrylic.  There are so many interesting effects that can be achieved using acrylic mediums and through collage materials with acrylic paint.  Oil can be mixed with sand and other things. But as a rule most of the oils I find are oil, period.

 "Still Life with Chair Caning" Pablo Picasso
Don't forget,  it was Picasso, who first combined oil which opened the doors to all the twentieth century experimentation.
"1954" Robert Raushenberg
I also have to mention Robert Rauschenberg, who combines painting: oil, paper, fabric, newspaper, printed reproductions, wood, metal, and mirror on three canvas panels.

However, when you look for examples of people working with mixed media and oil, they are few and far between.  The painting above is one of my examples of mixed media collage with oil.  A lot of my mixed media with oil work does include the use of acrylic, before the painting is started, then gessoed and painted with oil.  The Deep Purple Serenade began with this technique but then includes lacquers and beeswax as well as oil paint.

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