Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 22 in 100 Days, 100 Paintings Challenge

Muttula was great fun to create!  I had a great picture of a pup that was basically black and white with huge feet.  It is going to be a big dog.  I added a bigger cloak shape at the bottom and the bottom of paws, a drippy background and we have Muttula.

Making a creation like this is part dog and part painting.  The dog is a big part of the inspiration,  Therefore, I need your help.  If Muttula had belonged to one of you I would have included a signed print in the mail.  Unfortunately, he is a pound puppy.  He is soo cute I hope that he finds a good home.   If you have a dog that you would like to see in one of my paintings then email me his picture and if inspiration leads me to create a painting, I will send you a signed print.  Send photos to profkenglish@gmail,com

If you would like to give Muttula a home, he is at the Granbury Animal Shelter.  Remember, there are thousands of dogs and cats who need a home like yours.

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