Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Harmonic Color Wheel

Harmonic Wheel, acrylic on board

This  project is  based on the 20 harmonic colors found at http://profkenglish.weebly.com/harmonic-color.html  Students had to design their own 24 shaped wheel to complete this assignment.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Remainder of the Summer Abstacts

This last group of abstracts combine some new directions and ideas that I am excited to explore as time allows.  They include different or new media and new ideas for me.  As I first started exploring experimental painting I would work from abstract to abstracted reality.  More recently I tend to work only with composition and formal elements and ideas with a more minimalistic approach.  I am excited however to continue to look at realism in a abstracted stylized approach that are evident here with several of the more landscape style works or abstracted figurative works.  I would like to continue to explore this direction in the future.

What's in a Name, smoke, mixed water media on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Swirled Flower Abstract Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Hidden Grove, acrylic and acrylic medium on canvas

Break Dance, acrylic on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Sun Fire, acrylic on canvas

                                             Watercolor and Smoke on 1/8 sheet Arches Paper

After the Thaw, mixed media acrylic medium  and iron rust, on museum board

Mail to Read, watercolor and gouache on Yupo

Geisha, watercolor and gouache on Yupo

Two Geisha, acrylic  on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Ribbons Dance, watercolor  on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Lunge, watercolor  on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Friday, October 3, 2014

More Summer Watercolors

This group of paintings were more thoughtful, and sometimes not as loose.  This can be both a blessing and a problem.  Some of them are quite nice while others feel not as free as I would like.  They all deal with gesture and movement as well as color and composition.

                              Pirouette,Watercolor and smoke on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Strange Bedfellows, Mixed Media Collage on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Enough Compliments, Mixed Media  on 1/8 sheet Arches Paper

                                      Magenta Winds,Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

                                The Pines,Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

                                   Late Summer,Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer Geometric Watercolors

After doing a number of abstract designs in acrylic I filled my sketch book with all kinds of compositions which were ideas for future paintings.  Most of these were geometric shapes in nature and these next paintings were developed as watercolors from these compositions.  I like all of them, each being different in both color and composition but similar I think in purpose.  To me they feel both fresh and free as well as contained.  These are about line, shape color movement and freedom.

Sitting in the Sun, Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Floral Abstract, Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

View from Above, Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

The Jazz Trumpet, Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Gray Lady, Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Pap

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Summer painting

This first series of paintings that I completed in late June through August are in watercolor, acrylic or mixed media.  I am working on these paintings with line, gesture, color movement and spontaneity.  I want the feeling of time and life in the works.  Most of them feel organic and plant like to me.
Iris Bouquet, Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Cross Roads, watercolor and acrylic on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Golden Rule, Golden acrylic on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Southwest Landscape, Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Spirt of the Southwest, Watercolor on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Vision in the Wind, Watercolor and collage on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Afternoon Shower, Watercolor and Smoke on 1/4 sheet Arches Paper

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Abstracts

I am teaching a workshop this summer.  This first series of abstracts were painted from the time school was out in may until today.  I plan to keep it up as well as I can while on vacation.

Forest from the Trees, acrylic mixed media
 Red Flannel Shirt, acrylic mixed media
Thursday's Tango, acrylic mixed media
Blue Waltz, acrylic mixed media 
 Fit to a Tea, acrylic mixed media
Native Dance, acrylic mixed media
Tap Dancers, acrylic mixed media

Deserted Landscape, acrylic mixed media
Notes From Home,acrylic mixed media
Solve for C, acrylic mixed media
A Play for Gold, acrylic mixed media computer graphic
Catwalk, acrylic mixed media
Copper Hills, acrylic mixed media, copper
Space Defined, acrylic on paper
Inspired Space, acrylic on paper

Old Verses New

I just finished 10 new paintings but I wanted to compare them with several old abstracts that are not on the blog so far.  These are several early abstracts that worked well.

Dark Moody Blue, Water-media and collage
Hidden Dragon,Water-media and collage
  Red Still Life, Water-media and collage
Gemstones ,Water-media and collage
Blues With a Vengeance, Mixed media oil and collage
Raspberry Rhapsody, Mixed media oil and collage
Last Dance, acrylic
These next two paintings were finished last summer.  The difference her was the use of harmonic gray.
Summer Dance, acrylic
Plum Lady, acrylic