Thursday, November 3, 2011

Give and Take

Sounding Board, Sketchbook drawing:  Robert Brinkerhoff

One of the most wonderful art textbooks I have ever found is Drawing Inspiration Visual Artists at Work, by Michael Fleishman, published by Delmar Cengage Learning.  It is chalk full of wonderful art and illustration by working known artists. 

"Teaching at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) since 1997, Brinkerhoff instructs his students to tell him something he doesn't know. 'You teach me something,' he says, 'open my eyes to those discoveries made through your process and critical observation." from Drawing Inspiration pg23.  He relates this attitude to problem solving.

Are you saying something new with your work that someone else has not already said.  How can you do this if your work is copied from others ideas or repeats the same old trite worn ideas that others have created from for centuries?   Push yourself today to get out of your confort zone and teach us something new!

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