Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playing With Space

Illinois Colorscape #91, Watercolor on cold press paper by Harold Gregor

The flatscape is a term coined by artist Hearld Gregor who has invented new perspectives to painting American landscapes. 
Surrounded by flat prairie land of central Illinois, this landscape painter invented new ways to apply perspective as seen from the air. Gregor structures a series of overlapping fields of color to create these vivid paintings of colored space.

This abstracted form of playing with space remind one both of Van gogh and needle embroidery with yarn known as crewel. 

With these works the color and texture is as important to the work as the form created by the colored marks.  What draws me in, is the both the fresh view of looking at landscape in a new way, and the colorful marks which create somewhat believable yet charming paintings. 

My own playful experiments with space follow traditional perspective traditions, but play with space using color and texture as the experimental vocabulary.

 Have you played with space?  Share links to your work below.

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