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1 comment:

  1. This is Brian White, how do we get to our Art Appreciation 1 class's blogs as a whole class, so we can see each student?

    Also looking at the other classes it appears you teach our class should be called, in my opinion which doesn't count for much usually, Art Appreciation, Digital, Design, and Painting so far. Drawing could come into what we have to do at a later date, but that all of topic. Really I'd just like to know how to find the class as a whole's list of blogs, for my particular reason of seeing how other student's are doing they're blogs in accordance with our weekly work's of art and where to publish that, and examples from various other students in my class. As well as the Andy Warhol assignment and an example of how other's did theirs and what they wrote about in a broad sense, and where in they're blog they posted this.
    If you could respond to this in an email to my student email account I would greatly appreciate it as I am trying hard right now to raise my grade to an A.