Wednesday, March 29, 2017


If we do not believe, where is motivation?  I look around and see depression, boredom, and fear, a general lack of motivation.  What motivates you? To me it starts with excitement and idea, and art itself.  This morning I discovered an exciting young sculpture artist on Pinterest which gave me a shot of motivation like a shot of expresso.  If you aren't  using Pinterest to get you excited, please start.  I promise that with a little looking every day you will soon discover some inspiration.

Here is a link to Lee Cross, Wood Splitter.   Her work is very inspiring, I love the tribal tattooing on her soft sculptures.  Wanting to own one I looked at her auctions at eBay and her current creation has bidding now at $750.  Not bad for a self trained artist, right?

Okay, so what motivates you.  The first artist that I saw in person that motivated me and still does is Charles Wysocki.  I saw his work at a major Art show in Denver.

Here is Heartland, one of his books.  I hope that it inspires you too.

This is a regional style of art know known as Americana.  Here is my first attempt of my own style of Americana umpteen years back.
Get Inspired and Happy Painting.