Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Abstracts

I am teaching a workshop this summer.  This first series of abstracts were painted from the time school was out in may until today.  I plan to keep it up as well as I can while on vacation.

Forest from the Trees, acrylic mixed media
 Red Flannel Shirt, acrylic mixed media
Thursday's Tango, acrylic mixed media
Blue Waltz, acrylic mixed media 
 Fit to a Tea, acrylic mixed media
Native Dance, acrylic mixed media
Tap Dancers, acrylic mixed media

Deserted Landscape, acrylic mixed media
Notes From Home,acrylic mixed media
Solve for C, acrylic mixed media
A Play for Gold, acrylic mixed media computer graphic
Catwalk, acrylic mixed media
Copper Hills, acrylic mixed media, copper
Space Defined, acrylic on paper
Inspired Space, acrylic on paper

Old Verses New

I just finished 10 new paintings but I wanted to compare them with several old abstracts that are not on the blog so far.  These are several early abstracts that worked well.

Dark Moody Blue, Water-media and collage
Hidden Dragon,Water-media and collage
  Red Still Life, Water-media and collage
Gemstones ,Water-media and collage
Blues With a Vengeance, Mixed media oil and collage
Raspberry Rhapsody, Mixed media oil and collage
Last Dance, acrylic
These next two paintings were finished last summer.  The difference her was the use of harmonic gray.
Summer Dance, acrylic
Plum Lady, acrylic

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mother's Day at the Beach

These paintings were completed at the beach on Mother's day.  It was quite foggy and misty at first and then decided to warm up.  They are created with Golden Open Acrylic Paint and took about an hour each to paint as I enjoyed watching my grandchildren play in the sand.  Some of the sand and spray became part of the paintings.
Fog and Sand acrylic on panel

        Warming Sun  and Seaweed, acrylic on panel