Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dot Dot Dot - Line

New Way - Same Old Line

Line as design using hatch marks, and decorative marks can create a different way of looking at line.  Organic and geometric line designs can be livelier with the addition of lost and found line as well as hatching and cross hatching.  Take it one more step from hatching to pointillism.

Tree Frog, 6 x 6 Ink on board

Geo Cat, 6 x 6 Ink on Board

Hiding, 6 x 6 Ink on Board
Warming Up, 5 x 7 Ink on Board

I Said Draw

When It Feels Like Work

When your drawing feels like doing work, you may not be doing it right.  The best definition I have ever seen of drawing is the record of time spent looking.  One classic way of beginning to look is to create a masterpiece drawn upside down.  I like to have students take this one step further and take that master work and change it up to make it your own.  This livens up the looking so that it no longer feels like work.

  After Ruben's Portrait of  Isabella Brant

Clinton's Braid After Rosetti