Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Examples

Rabbit Valley, 2012 ( Perspective)

I spend quite a lot of time playing with design examples for my classes.  This posting will contain all of the examples for this last year.

Santa Fe  2011,  (Space)

Art, 2012 (Text and Perspective)

Dragon, 2011 (Organic Line)

   Duck, 2011 (Positive Negitive Shape)

     Princess,, 2011 (Negitive Space)

            Sunflower, 2011 (value)    Tulip, 2012 (value)
Lighthouse, 2011 (Surrealism)

Bobcat, 2011   Dillo, 2012 (value)

 The Way to Play, 2011 (Pattern Prints)

Leaf, 2011 (reduction print)
Swish, 2011   Organic, 2012 (Color Project)
Spring, 2012 Texture Design- modeling paste, acrylic with alcohol and salt
Adoration, 2012 Texture Design- modeling paste and papers, acrylic with bleach pen
Eternity Squared, 2012 Texture Design - modeling paste, acrylic with salt and alcohol and cracked glue
Boogie Woogie, 2012 Texture Design-modeling paste and texture gels, acrylicmedium

Standing on One Foot, 2011 (Balance Project)